Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thompson Tells Versailles He'll Attack Iran

It just keeps getting worse. Fred, who has “box upon box” of wrongly-illegal Cuban cigars in his office and told the reporter that friends give them to him, told a mob of Cuban exiles and hangers on at Miami’s Versailles mega restaurant-coffee bar-hangout, a den of villany and evil rivaling Moss Isely on Tattoine, that he’ll attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. As I was watching local news Friday evening, Thompson came on. I usually tune out right wingers when they come on the tube. I remember seeing his mouth moving and I was picking up stray words here and there until I heard the word “Iran.” As I went on alert and started to tune in, he was saying something about how he will send combat troops in, or it might have been air strikes. He didn’t say he’d use tactical nukes. I’m trying to verify and will post if I can, but it sounded like combat troops to me. The experts are saying that air strikes won’t knock out Iran’s nuclear facilities since many are undergrounded and exact location may not be known. Strangely, Miami Herald reporter Marc Caputo did not include this bombshell in his article on the campaign stop. I have emailed him for clarification but since when do reporters actually respond to their byline email addresses. Breaking news 10am Monday: Caputo just emailed me. Kudos. We’re both working on this. Will keep you posted. Worse yet: I cruised through a bookstore Saturday for the first time in months, looking for stuff to debate some of you guys who are critiquing my posts. There was book after book after book about the evil threat of Iran on the display tables. It was frightening, my heart started pounding right there in the Current Affairs aisle. We’ve got a problem, folks. What are you going to do about it? Day 15.

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