Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bill Nelson for Vice President

While the Saturday Mark Weaver Show failed to produce a Florida primary endorsement (ran out of time, click in next week for the finale!), in a flash of brilliant revelation, Weaver endorsed Bill Nelson for the second spot on the ticket. Half the job is over. One reason is obvious, given yet another potentially close election in our critical swing state, Nelson could carry the state. But that’s not the reason I have endorsed him, and urge you to too. This is the easy, bloodless way to get him out of the Senate. Nelson has to go and this is the deft way of doing it. Otherwise we face an essential hard battle primary against him in 2012 and that’s too long to wait anyway. Think this out. Crist will appoint Nelson’s replacement, and maybe we should urge Crist to resign with a deal that Prankster Kottkamp appoints him to the seat. Our moderate, rational Crist might have almost the same voting record as Nelson, and perhaps better on some issues. Sure, Crist is Republican, but with the Democrats poised to pick up a handful, if not more, seats next year, he won’t tip control. And we get rid of Nelson. That’s the easy part. The hard part is we need to start talking, organizing and recruiting a STRONG PROGRESSIVE candidate to challenge Senator Crist in ‘12. I’ve kind of liked Scott Maddox, but he disappeared when that Party finance whatever broke. Any ideas on him? Isn’t there a good progressive mayor somewhere in Florida who could run? Start thinking folks!
If you are not aware of Nelson’s ongoing punch-in-our-faces votes on major issues (these aren’t marginal wonky policy issues), see my companion post.

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