Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mark Weaver Kicked Off Florida Progressive Coaltion and Radio by Kenneth Quinnell

After 26 months, this was a long time coming and I will be commenting here in blistering length in a few days. Frankly, it had become an embarrassment for me to be associated with Kenneth Quinnell and his misnamed Florida Progressive Coalition (Democratic Party front) Blog and radio show because of his and others sophomoric commentaries, naivete and ceaseless thoughtless promotion of a Democratic Party that is dead wrong on so many issues. However, I bit my lip many a time, though not enough, in an effort to co-exist, which I am still willing to do, but of course those craven for power are not.

The FPC blog and radio were so compromised and lacking integrity they had become a joke. Quinnell is a paid staffer for the Kendrick Meek campaign, advising the netroots campaign operation. I have been unrelentingly critical of Meek's not-progressive, pro-corporate positions, but most of all his calls for escalating Afghanistan troop levels. Go figure. In addition, the phoney (Florida Democratic Party) Netroots Awards only recognize the blogs, writers and radio hosts who shill the best for the Florida Democratic Party business-legal-power elites, not any sort of deep independent thinking. Though I did not criticize the awards, many others did, pointing out most egregiously that Kendrick Meek, who was a netroots blip on the screen a year ago, swept many of the awards because his own web operation flooded the voting.

I am suspending the radio show for a couple of weeks to take a long needed break and to do some Florida camping and strategize on a new and better basecamp for The Mark Weaver Show.

The single issue that really brought things to a head for me over the last several months was watching Florida Democrats backing the escalation of the Afghanistan war. As they escalated, my analysis, anger and militancy escalated. But this is what happens when America goes to war, the war is also fought out between us here at home.

As I shall explain, this incident is a revelatory milestone in the development of Florida real-progressive politics as it lays bare how the Democratic Party and its power seeking sycophantic shills think, operate and repress those who oppose their vile use of power.

My commentary that broke the Democratic camel's back is the post in the next window below: "Florida Dems' Insane Clown Rightwing Posse."

Kenneth Quinnell's statement was:

I have removed Mark Weaver as a member of the Florida Progressive Coalition blog and radio station. The primary reasons for this are that Mark is working at direct odds with the endeavors that myself and others are working on, he is unwilling to work as part of a team, he has engaged in the use of extreme rhetoric against people who are allies and supporters of the blog and in his most recent post, he engaged in language that could easily be considered libel against a private citizen. This confluence of actions, over a period of time, led me to decide to no longer allow Mark to post at the blog whose url bears my name.

I’m not a big believer in censorship, so I won’t be deleting any posts or radio shows featuring Mark. He is welcome to continue commenting on posts that others write and call in to shows on the FPC radio station if the host(s) of those shows allow it. I encourage Mark to set up his own blog and radio station and I will add him to the blogroll and include him in regular round-ups where appropriate.

I hold no ill-will or emnity against Mark, but he is harming efforts that I am pursuing on the blog that I created. While he has the freedom to do what he thinks is appropriate in the realm of politics, it is inappropriate for him to pursue those things on this blog.


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So much for free speech, Quinnell. You Democrats are so predictable.