Saturday, September 12, 2009

Offshore Oil Drilling, Obamacare Preserves Industry Profiteering and 911 Denial

Guest is Adam Rivera of Environment Florida telling us everything we don't want to know about offshore oil drilling.

The 911 memorials we saw across the nation on Friday, and the media coverage of them, were sickening in their obliviousness to the Pentagon killing operations in Muslim countries that provoked the attacks, portraying America as a blameless victim of sociopathic criminal terrorist attacks. In reality, our 3000 dead were victims of the bipartisan imperialist U.S. foreign policy that props up authoritarian dictatorships in scores of countries around the world and runs killing operations against opposition groups such as the fundamentalist Islamic groups being violently shut out of political influence in their native countries, with U.S. financing, arms and training support. What goes around comes around, huh? Also, my Statement on Pseudo Health Reform: all the reforms are centered on preserving the pricing power of the medical industries, which explains the convolutions to achieve a few improvements against a backdrop of continued exploitation and price gouging of Americans for their most-expensive-in-the-world health care.


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