Sunday, April 26, 2009

Conditions for Normalization of Relations with the U.S.A.

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With Emperor Obama declaring that “the ball is now in the Castros’ court” after his minimalist token easing of the Bush travel/remittance restrictions on Cuba and demanding that Cuba free all political prisoners, restore freedom of speech and press and end its 20% tax on remittances,

with ever-pandering and behind-the-curve U.S. Senate candidate Kendrick Meek, opposing even these token gestures and running for Senator of Hialeah,

all this despite Monday’s Bendixen poll showing a “stunning change of heart” in CUBAN-AMERICAN attitudes showing 67% approval for totally ending the trade and travel embargo ….

Mark Weaver, host of the explosive Mark Weaver Show, last Saturday (4/18) urged the Castros to hold firm and issued conditions for restoration of diplomatic relations with the U.S. of A.

1) The U.S. must return Guantanamo to Cuba since it is illegally occupying a sovereign nation on land it stole through force of war.
2) The U.S. must restore the freedom of travel to its own people and end their imprisonment north of the Florida Straits.
3) The U.S. must restore habeas corpus rights to all detainees on Cuban territory and at its Bagram prison and other prison sites and release the hundreds of detainees who are believed to have been innocently swept up in the War on Assymetric Tactics.
4) The U.S. must free its own people and establish a single-payer healthcare system that eliminates the predatory extortion and profit making greed of the American medical industry taking advantage of the sick, and re-socialize health personnel to care for the sick out of compassion rather than with Norte Americano dollar signs in their eyes, as Cuba has done.
5) The U.S. shall bring freedom of speech to the American Left who are shut out of any meaningful influence in Americano sociedad by the corporate profit making Mainstream media such as the Miami Heraldo, the Orlando Sentinel and the mere 60 radio stations that Thom Hartmann (the #1 progressive host) is on while Rush Limburger is on 600 stations, which is why people like Trish of the Pensito Review can be be ecstatic over Obama’s tragic minimalist center-right presidency and ready to work hard for his re-election and eight years of tragedy and opportunistic lost opportunities. Cuba will NEVER turn its media over to wealthy ownership and right wing domination.
6) The U.S. shall free the dozens of political prisoners who have been jailed on trumped up charges of “providing material support for terrorism” by making charitable donations to Mid Eastern charities that have working relationships with the elected governing Hamas and Hezbollah Parties of Lebanon and Palestine.
7) The U.S. shall fully fund and socialize its education system from age two through vocational school and college through progressive income taxes, as Cuba has done, giving us the best performing education system in all of Latin America according to the Stanford Professor interviewed last year on the Mark Weaver Show.
8) Cuba will NEVER end its 20% tax on remittances, dummy! That’s how we fund free health care and education for the people receiving the remittances!

Upon fulfillment of these conditions Cuba will
1) End its trade and travel embargo of the U.S. which has impoverished the Americano people.
2) Graciously allow the U.S. into the Organization of Americano States.
3) free any political prisoners who have not engaged in material violent subterfuge of the Cuban government
4) legalize all political parties and hold free regular elections within the context of a political system of working class control of the media and full public financing of elections based on nonpaid signature gathering with all private contributions over $100 to be banned
5) We might even be willing to work with those Cuban exile families who unfairly had their properties confiscated in the Cuban revolution, but only upon determination that these families had not extorted their properties through coercion and force, stolen them or exploited their employees or previous property owners to gain these properties or used ties with the Bautista dictatorship for same.

Futhermore, upon normalization of relations with the new Socialist States of America, we shall invite Mark Weaver to broadcast his show out of Havana, throw a ticker tape parade down the Malecon for uniting our two nations, and invite him and his friends like Betsy Angert, Benjamin Kirby and other Real Progressives to our finest hotel on our finest beach where they can all sip Mojitos.

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