Friday, February 27, 2009

Orlando Hellfire Missiles Used in Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

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Who’d a thunk. While children are in delight at Disney World, children in Gaza are being killed by Hellfire missiles made a few miles away, courtesy of the Florida Congressional delegation (including Senate candidate Kendrick Meek) and, as soon as he can get his thumb on the Senate electronic voting lever, Dan “Israel Can Do No Wrong” Gelber.

A just-out report by Amnesty International documents that Israeli forces used white phosphorus and other weapons supplied by the USA, such as an AGM 114 Hellfire missile made by Hellfire Systems of Orlando (wonderful corporate name, huh?) which killed three paramedics and a child, to carry out serious violations of international humanitarian law including war crimes. The attacks resulted in the death of hundreds of children and other civilians and destroyed homes on a massive scale. The Israeli aggression, which Bill Moyers has called “state terror”, killed 1300 Gazans in response to Palestinian rocket attacks in Israel which killed 7 Israelis over the past four years, attacks which were in response to the Israeli blockade of Gaza over the past 20 months and its continued building of settlements on Palestinian land in the West Bank.

The report also accuses Hamas of war crimes for firing rockets into civilian areas of Israel and calls for a comprehensive arms embargo of both Israel and Hamas.

The Mark Weaver Show is looking for an activist to research the campaign contributions of Hellfire Systems executives and give an on-air report. We need to know if Hellfire has given contributions to Meek and Gelber and to monitor Meek and Gelber’s campaign contributions from armament companies for their Senate campaigns. You can email

Regardless, Meek and Gelber must be stopped from getting the Democratic Senate nomination. The Democratic Party must stop offering up Republican war clones on foreign policy issues. We need a candidate who will at least signal some desire to put the brakes on the over-arming of Israel and its military aggressions against its neighbors, not to mention the entire militaristic Imperial foreign policy of the U.S.

If you have not already seen this, you can read the full text of Meek and Gelber’s justifying statements on Israel’s “incursions” on my previous posts on this issue in January. Just look up Mark Weaver posts.

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