Monday, November 5, 2007

Ecuador Demands Military Base in Miami

President Correia (sp?) of Ecuador is demanding that the U.S. allow Ecuador to establish a military base near Miami as a condition for allowing the U.S. to renew its base agreement in Ecuador, its only one in the Western Hemisphere. Cool idea, huh? How would you like a foreign base in Florida? Ecuador could use it for operations against Mexico if they ever have a problem with Mexico, or even strike Canada. They could use it to promote democracy and fight the Mexican drug cartels. Please comment.
# Now you understand why so many people around the world resent the U.S. Empire’s bases flung all over the globe and why some of them resort to terror tactics to force their removal and halt their operations in their regions, such as Bin Laden demanding that the U.S. remove its airbase from Saudi Arabia. Close most of the bases. Terror attacks on us end. That’s how we “win” the “war on terror.” And here’s a question for you to ask Steny Hoyer this weekend and be asking our Congressmembers and Congressional candidates: do you favor closing down many U.S. bases around the world? If so, to what extent?

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